Side By Side

Brand identity design, brand architecture, apparel and application for professional triathlete coaching business.

Side By Side is an elite triathlon coaching business founded by ex professional footballer and active triathlete, Chris Giannangelo. They offer specialised training for the three core disciplines in a supportive team environment, alongside 1-2-1 support and bespoke development plans to help all serious triathletes reach their full potential.

Chris approached us to rebrand the business, looking for a bold visual solution that would achieve standout, get noticed and look as good on Instagram as it would half-covered in sweat or sea water!

The resultant brandmark consists of three simple parallelograms representing the core disciplines and legs of the triathlon that link and overlap to form a simple but dynamic letter S.

The three linked shapes indicate progression, movement and repetition – three concepts at the core of the specialist training on offer.


Side By Side – animation

Bold movement

The bold primary brand colours; a deep rich warm blue and bright pink, were chosen to stand out on the road and look good everywhere from Instagram to invoice!

We used crafted animation to help bring the branding to life for use online as part of the wider graphic language applications for promotional posts on social media.

We animated the construction lines of the brandmark as it builds, using the final loop as a web loader and seamless graphic overlay for video.

Quality merch

With thousands of miles under his belt (and backside), the client was very specific in their requirements for the quality of the merchandise for the brand. It has to look good, be well branded but most importantly, be beautifully crafted.

The simplicity of the identity means that small stitches and fine details retain clarity on a wide range of bespoke branded apparel including compression tops, swimming hats, cycling shorts and caps.

And when it comes to water bottles and kit bags, screen-printed details remained bright, clear and impactful.

The brand has to look good, but it also has to perform under pressure!


Skills & tools

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Language
  • Branded Merchandise
  • Apparel

Awesome work guys!!

Chris Giannangelo
Founder, Side By Side

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