Branding and Identity

A strong brand isn't built overnight, it takes insight, research, creativity and consistent application. Branding forms the foundation for the rest of your story – get the branding right, and you'll be recognised and remembered, get it wrong and you'll be ignored and forgotten.

Branding Services

  • Brand Naming & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Tone & Voice
  • Brand Guidelines

From brand strategy and naming, brand identity design, graphic language and application and brand guidelines to verbal tone/voice, vision, mission, values and more – we get it. Do you want incremental change or need a complete rebrand – let’s see what works, together. Our creative brand insight and consistent design application will help you make lasting, meaningful impact. Branding is so much more than just a logo!

Brand Identity Design

The power of a great brand identity shouldn’t be underestimated. It should be simple enough to be memorable and resonate with your audience. It will be around for quite a while, can hold meaning and can even be beautiful.

A strong brand identity, consistently applied, will help attract (and retain) more customers, make your organisation stand out and ensure that your core brand values remain front and centre.

From draft pencil sketches to polished brand identities formed with letterforms, shapes, lines and colours. Often challenging, always rewarding; we love to craft identities that communicate, simply.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Which version of the logo should we use? Is this the right brand colour? Should we say “customers” or “clients”?

A new brand identity is only as good as the way that it’s used. Brand guidelines set the tone for your brand both visually and verbally and help everyone keep everything on-message.

We carefully document typography, colour palettes, graphic language, written style and much more and deliver online and offline brand guidelines or playbook for your staff, other stakeholders and suppliers.

This single source of truth helps to ensure consistent tone, look & feel for your brand as it grows and changes.

Featured branding

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Brand identity design and application for cryptocurrency engineers and market makers, Raven DAO.

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Naming, research, branding and icon design for new mobile app for global health insurance and wellbeing giant AIA.

Your ability to distil the ethos and thinking behind the product and create a name and visual language to represent what we’re doing was (and still is) invaluable. Tidy literally wouldn’t exist as it does today without your input. Thank you!

James McQuarrie
Founder, Tidy!