Sustainable design

We've been making better things and making things better for a long time and understand the importance of sustainable design choices.

As a business, we like to put our money where our mouth is. We use 100% green electricity to power our studio, and are looking to install solar panels and battery storage to generate and manage our own power even more responsibly. The websites we design are optimised for fast download speeds and low processor overhead, saving electricity and needless bandwidth. Likewise, the data centres we specify for web hosting are environmentally-focused, powered by certified green energy and have a low PuE.

And from our beautiful handmade desks to the computers and search engine we use, their environmental impact, sustainability has been considered. This is more than just a policy – we see it as a logical approach which we’ve followed for many years.


The studio is as paperless as possible but when we do feel the need to scribble (we do like a notebook) these are sourced responsibly, from like-minded suppliers such as Pith. Our preferred printing partner; PurePrint was the first CarbonNeutral® printer in the world and are way ahead of the environmental curve. They help us to specify and source the best FSC-certified paper and card stock from suppliers such as G.F Smith, and are only 10 miles down the road!

Having operated remotely for over 10 years we’ve always worked, met and collaborated online. When we do visit clients in-person, it will always be in an electric car and if we need to travel by train or plane (it has been known) we always carbon-offest our impact.

We’re not perfect, but we try.

Little shoots

In our latest environmental initiative we’re helping our clients to make a positive change to secure the planet for all of us. To do this we’ve partnered with more:trees who now plant a tree for every client invoice we issue. So when you pay your invoice, a tree gets planted (automatically) in a selection of forests around the world – it’s a win-win!

We’re hoping this small idea will make a big difference in time and for now, making good things with us is even more rewarding.

Sustainability in practise

Whether working with more ethical businesses or making more sustainable design and material choices, we’ve been practising what we preach for some time. Have a look at some recent projects below, and to explore a more ethical design approach, please get in touch

Ethical brands

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Tidy Shampoo

Naming, brand identity design, branding system, packaging design and advertising for Tidy handmade shampoo bars for men.

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Phillippa Winton

Brand identity, design language, labels and packaging design for entrepreneurial crafter and maker Phillippa Winton.