Phillippa Winton

Brand identity, design language, labels and packaging design for entrepreneurial crafter and maker Phillippa Winton.

Phillippa was referred to us to help rebrand her online and offline clothing business. A talented and committed maker, Phillippa wanted her brand identiy to match her ambition for the business.

With an infectious creative spirit and bundles of ideas, we worked with her to craft a soft, clean and bold brand that would achieve standout, remain clear at small sizes and work with fine stitched detail. We suggested the simple “made with love” strapline and playing with this, created a bold new brand identity based around an abstract but recognisable floral motif – a visual theme that Phillippa was keen to retain.

Labels for stitched and knitted items, stationery, packaging and postage labels all followed.

Skills & tools

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Language
  • Packaging Design

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